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Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm PST
's coming fast. that's what i don't understand. >> reporter: since we don't know how much rain will come for the rest of the week, businesses here are preparing for the worst as they have the sandbags at the parking lot. >> and we're hoping for the best. mother nature is going to do what they need to do. >> and stacked on tables and everything. >> reporter: now, they moved everything off the floor in his apparel printing shop. >> first we have flooding insurance and all that stuff. and we don't want to go there if you can avoid it. >> reporter: and it is only december. >> hopefully it happened earlier in the season and it won't happen later on in the season to get in earlier to clean it up. >> yeah. >> it's a big job cleaning it up after this. >> reporter: in pen grove, cbs5. >> there's more problems on the bay area roadways to show you that this is the scene on the highway in the county above downtown mill valley earlier today. three in a row, saturated ground caused that large tree to fall over and block both directions of the highway. crews spent several hours removing the tree much t
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
don't want to see new revenues, in other words democrat tax increase being used for new spending. >> in unusual move republicans called for a no. 2 democrat, biden to help with negotiations as the white house places a lot of blame on the impasse. >> they say the bill biggest priority is we deal with the debit. their way is the only priority that tax breaks for wealth americans are protected. >> if a deal isn't reached, the president wants to introduce legislation to keep tax cuts for people earning more than 200 thousand a year. >> it wasn't only grid lock in washington. they are going to keep milk prices from rising next month. the agriculture secretary of state says without it we could pay $7 a gallon. >> >>> the woman charged for pushing a man from a platform on a subway train. the 31 year-old was quoted by the district attorney's office saying it would be cool pushing someone from a train. she blames the muslim, hindus and egyptian for the 911 attack. >>> a daring rescue that prevented tragedy. it was a rare christmas experience on the mountains of los angeles, fresh snow and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2